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What is the plan?

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Don't you love getting that question? This world is full of double standards and people are funny. They don't want to you their plan but, they want to know yours. Know why? Or why, I think at least.

From my own experience it's 1 of 2 reasons, 1 being their nosey and they just want to be in your business. This has a couple of caveats with it. They could genuinely care and truly want to see you succeed or they could be judging you. If they're judging you, they're either quietly doing it because of jealousy or they're vocally doing it because they have a problem with themselves. I've seen it all unfortunately, and sadly women are the worst. That's reason 1. Reason 2 they're checking your plan against their plan and looking for ways to make their own plan better. This one is my favorite. At some point in time, we've all done it. It's not necessarily a keep up with the Jones deal, it's more of a 'if she's doing this to make her life better, what I am doing', evaluation of sorts.

Either way it goes against the 'secrets to success rule of thumb. NEVER share your plan. Haters will hate. If you think you don't have haters your wrong. We all have haters. That doesn't mean that they hate you so much as they hate your success, happiness, and everything that's missing from their own lives. Like I said, 'women are the worst'. We should be supporting one another and pushing each other to be the best versions of ourselves but, instead many women are a bit jealous, they judge, they mock, and they attack under the guise of 'just helping'. It happens all too often and unfortunately, it's a part of life some of us have gotten all too used to. I have to deal with it regularly. I've gotten used to it. I see it for what it is and yet I still sometimes get sucked into it.

I was asked today. 4 people. What is your plan? My answer is simple. I don't have one. Well, I suppose I do every bit of this is my stepping out on faith, right? That's my plan. God. In his perfect timing it will all fall together. In the meantime, I'm looking into writing a book, something I've always wanted to do. I'm writing my blog and looking for more 'conventional' ways to earn a living from home. I'm looking into maybe getting my real estate license. I'm working on home projects I've put off and avoided for years. I'm working harder now than I did with a 9-5 and I'm praying I can do this without ever having to go back to that again.

I have faith in God. I am a child of God. Like Daniel in the lion's den, I will come out unharmed. I'm not afraid. I'm not worried all the time. I'm trusting in his perfect timing. It's not easy. It's far from easy (I'm a mom) but, it will all work out.

So, I ask you. What is your plan?

Do you have one? If not, I challenge you to sit back, do some inner reflection, and think about it. What is it that you need to change? It can be as simple as your hair color if you want, not everything has to be a dramatic life upheaval. What changes do you want to make to be better tomorrow than you were today?

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