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Raising Boys

Updated: May 5, 2022

When you're a single mom raising boys, you ask yourself a ton of questions. Like every single minute of every single day you're worried or thinking about something. Some of them are like 'ok google, how do I build this lego set' others are more like 'ok God, how do I help him through his first break up'. There's a lot to parenting but like my cousin said about raising boys, when you have a boy, you only have 1 penis you have to worry about.

Thank GOD he gave me boys. I think I might worry myself to death if I had girls but, then..... Is it really all that simple? Today's girls are out there. You might only have 1 boy to worry about but, you have all the little girls out there that could potentially get him in trouble too.

For me being a 'boy mom' is a balancing act. It's a little more like riding a bike. You never forget how but some days you just can't seem to keep it between the lines, and others everything seems like an uphill trudge.

Break it down into the 'must haves' and the 'nice to haves' and roll with it from there. There are those things that they have to learn. The hard lessons that only life and time on earth can teach them. Then there are those things that they need to learn and this is where I pray that God will bring good men to show them what they need to know. Like mechanics, carpentry, and a few other things. I can show them some things like how to change a tire, or their oil but they need to know more than that. I can show them how to change the locks, or put a shelf, unclog the drain, but... they need to know more than that. Those things they need strong male christian influences to help them with. Then there's the things that they just in general should know. Like how to take care of themselves. Wash, fold, put away laundry, pick up behind themselves, wash the dish they just ate off of, sweep the floor they tracked up... those things, those I'm teaching them. Mowing the lawn, oh yeah, I got this.. Taking care of the animals, yep. I got that too. I want my boys to be well rounded.

How do you teach them? How do you prepare them for the things that you know will happen but have about 20000 scenarios as to how they could play out? Or, how do you teach them? How do you as a mom, a woman, teach them to be men? Not just men, but good men?

The only answer I've found, do the best you can with what you have and pray. Let God do the rest. There will be seasons in life. There will be a time and place where things are going to get hairy and you're going to have to rely on God to give you the knowledge, strength, and wisdom to get you through so you can get them through.

Hang in there mom. If you can get those boys to actually brush their teeth with toothpaste, you can do anything!

Makes you wonder why there isn't a parent handbook with all the secrets to life and how to's, floating around out there... but, there is; it's called 'the bible'.

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