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Country Mom Single Life

DIY Projects - Home Renovations a Single Country Mom Can Do on Her Own

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

When you start doing your own projects you see other things that need to be done and the list grows and grows. I started with the barn wood flooring walls in my living room and hallway. I moved to the backsplash in the kitchen. Now I'm waiting on the plumber to set in the new shower in my bathroom (yeah, refused to do that one myself).

Now that the plumber has done his part the shower is ready to go and the list of DIY continues to grow.

Want a run down of things to come? Ok, here goes. (This is just a list of projects not the order in which they will get done.)

1) walls - Kitchen, Boys room, my room, bathroom

2) doors - boys room, my room, bathroom

3) floors - boys rooms, my room, kitchen, bathroom


5) Fridge

6) Trim - living room, bathroom

7) back deck

8) fence / pasture

9) Building addition

10) round pen

11) back yard clean up

12) pool start up

So there's a list and even within the list there's smaller lists. Picking something out of something else, making decisions, getting started, getting finished... There's so much to do and even more to be done.

Every one of these projects except maybe the HVAC can be done myself. I hope I can recruit a little help I mean I do have kids and parents and friends and stuff but, when it comes down to it, with the right tools, the right, mindset and the right supplies I can get this done on my own without a lot of headache. Now to find the funds to supply the materials and get started. With God all things are possible.

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