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Hey y'all!!   Welcome to my blog Country Mom Single Life.  Life is short and this world is full of it so I'm writing about everything in it from falling down and getting up, to adventure, God, farm, horses and parenting. Country Mom Single Life is a little different, I hope.  I'm a horse / animal mom, boy mom, 2-time loser in love, living the God-fearing, horse training, country life and I love having the opportunity to share my passions and thoughts with my loyal readers.  I will be covering everything from the hard personal stuff to reviews of products I'm using and selling and everything in between.  I don't know that I have a specific 'niche' because my 'niche' is getting through the day to day and there are a lot of things that happen when you do that.  There is something here for everyone. 


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 A few things to know about me is first and foremost I love God.  I'm a divorced, christian, mom, with lots of animals large and small.  I train my own horses, and I love to live in the country.  I can't imagine living in the city it would destroy my spirit.  My posts cover it all from life on the farm, reinventing yourself, divorce, parenting and everything in between.  So join me on my adventures...  Be sure to subscribe.

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